Disability Rights Report Shows Youth Solitary, Culture of Violence (2018)

In September 2018, Disability Rights Montana released a report documenting the use of routine solitary confinement to control behavior and a culture of fighting and assaults of youth inmates at the Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facility.  After a credible allegation from an employee of the facility, DRM conducted an investigation that led to the report. The report alleges discrimination against youth with disabilities, reporting that youth with preexisting mental illnesses were placed in solitary confinement for months. A subculture of violence, DRM states, went unaddressed by staff and administrators, resulting in serious injuries sustained by several youth in the facility. A now former employee reported that youth were kept in solitary confinement for sometimes months at a time.  He also pointed to several assaults upon youth by other youth that went without consequences by facility staff.

Read the report: Solitary Confinement at Pine Hills

Press Release from Disability Rights Montana