New Report: Not in Isolation

NOT IN ISOLATION: How to Reduce Room Confinement While Increasing Safety in Youth Facilities

Coming Spring 2019

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What: A Practical Resource Toolkit for Facility Leaders & Staff

Four juvenile justice organizations partnered to create a written guide to help juvenile facilities reduce room confinement by “telling the stories” of how four facilities did it. Creating successful and sustainable reductions in room confinement is a challenging task for any juvenile facility. Each facility we interviewed had a “story” about why and how they reduced room confinement. Whether it was a series of suicides in room confinement, federal litigation, or new laws, the facilities had to respond quickly. Staff told us in interviews that reducing room confinement also helped reduce violence against youth and staff, improve the youth-staff relationships, staff turnover, and institutional culture.

The report will outline strategies and focus on specific examples of those strategies in action. Not in Isolation is based on several key concepts:

① . Understanding that isolation is connected many other areas of facility operations, including culture

② . Recognizing the concerns and needs of staff

③ . Including concrete examples from credible messengers

How: We worked with four juvenile facilities and state agencies, spent days inside facilities, and interviewed dozens of administrators and staff. These places are not perfect models. But they are using promising practices to reduce room confinement. Not in Isolation describes these promising practices through the insights and experiences of staff in these jurisdictions. Most of these jurisdictions use room confinement for an average of less than 10 hours.

When & Where: Not in Isolation will be available at no cost online in Spring 2019. We will circulate the publication through CJCA, ACA, and other resources. Links to sample forms and reports will be available. You can also check out our presentation from the CJCA Winter Meeting in January 2019.

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