ACA Proposed Standards – Youth Isolation

Help  submit feedback on ACA’s proposed standard changes. For the first time in years, the American Correctional Association (ACA) has moved to reduce the use of isolation for youth. These changes represent a huge step forward by barring isolation as punishment. We’d also like the ACA to make changes to key parts of the proposed standards. Please help support positive developments and encourage ACA to strengthen these protections! Comments due December 1, 2017


(1) Sign on to the comment letter prepared by the the Center for Children’s Law and Policy, the ACLU, and the Juvenile Law Center. The draft letter is available here. To sign on, please contact Jenny Lutz at by November 27, 2017.

(2) Enter commentary through the ACA portal. Comments must be entered for each individual standard. To do this, first create a Log-in and then visit the ACA Comment Portal.  We have attached a Summary of the Proposed Changes with Recommended Areas for Feedback, also available here.

(3) Draft separate comment letter. Send comments in this form directly to:
     Bridget Bayless and/or Megan Noble
     American Correctional Association
     Standards and Accreditation Specialists
     206 N. Washington Street, Suite 200
     Alexandria VA, 22314